Friday, February 1, 2013

Criticisms On Kamal Hassan And Clarifications Regarding Viswaroopam Issue

Once the movie Viswaroopam’s issue took viswaroopam, almost everybody started to criticize every move of Kamal Hassan. Viswaroopam stood at seventh place in Twitter trends which is an example of how hot the plate was. I, simply as a story writer, supported Kamal Hassan. Though I am a fan of him, I looked for flaws in Kamal Hassan’s actions. I did get few in the beginning. But now after being aware of some details, I am sure that any honest celebrity would do the same in such circumstances. I compile some of the main criticisms and the clarifications for the same from my side.

1. Why did Kamal in first place screen the movie to Muslim groups?

Clarification: When Kamal announced the delay of his movie due to DTH plans, a media person asked whether he would screen the movie to muslim groups as per their request. Kamal replied that he would if he thought it is very important and asked media not to turn this into a sensation.
Now after screening the movie, Kamal Hassan said, “I screened it because they are my brothers. I thought they would understand”. At this juncture, everybody thought that Kamal was trying to appease muslims. But the reality came to light only few days ago officially.

Tamil Nadu’s chief minister revealed in her interview that Kamal Hassan screened the movie to muslim groups only after the government insisted to do so. So it was not Kamal who initiated. From the beginning he didn't blame anyone for anything.

2. Kamal Hassan was the sole reason for the delay in release. He delayed the screening meant for muslims- TN GOVERNMENT

Clarification: Should every creator screen a movie to a particular group before the release just because they are ready to create law and order problem? Isn't this a bad example for trouble makers?

3. Central Censor board didn’t follow norms while certifying viswaroopam

Clarification: This accusation needs proper research and proof. There is none till now from Advocate general. As far as we are concerned, there is proof to believe that this accusation is not true. Central Censor board did 14 cuts in the movie(1.8 minutes).

4. Movie portrays Quran as a tool for Terrorism 

Clarification from Kamal: You are trying to compile scene one and two to find a meaning. They are separate. Cinema is a language and one should watch enough number of movies to understand the artistry. But, I cannot ask Muslims to leave their practice (Muslims should not watch movies as per their religion). So please discuss with your brothers (fellow Muslims) who watch movies frequently.

Though Kamal feels so, He accepted to delete scenes regarding Quran as they feel offended. Kamal deleted a song in Manmadhan ambu when Hindus felt offended.

5. Talibans are made terrorists by America. Kamal Hassan has not shown their real face

Clarification from Kamal: I know that those terrorists are what they are due to another terrorist activity by America. But that is a different point of view. Why should I paint them white to appease fundamentalists?

6. Kamal Hassan never felt that he should leave the country when Indians were suffering. Now as he was personally affected, is it fair to give such a statement? Indian people are fair to him. Then why he has to leave the country?

Clarification: Kamal Hassan’s statement was not conceived as it should be like always. His speech was so clear. What he actually said was,

“The judge felt that an individual’s wealth is not important before India’s integrity. I am ready to lose my wealth if India can stay united. But Tamil Nadu should not think that I will go down. If I cannot live here, I will search for a secular state in India or Abroad. I don’t have any anger on the people. I will make only Tamil Movies wherever I stay”

In this statement Kamal clearly identifies Tamil Nadu to be non-secular as the judge felt that his personal right is not important. He was also angry that the government was only expecting Kamal Hassan to satisfy Muslim protesters and not his freedom of speech. So, it is clear that Kamal gave that statement only because his freedom of speech was challenged. He was only angry for not being allowed to express his opinion on behalf of the people who suffer. I repeat here what he said about the masses. He said in the same interview that he is not angry on the people.

7. This issue created a bad image on the government as for having a personal agenda against Kamal Hassan

Clarification: Kamal Hassan never said to the media that the government was determined to finish him. He said, “Actually Jaya Tv was not ready to buy our film due to technical issues and also due to criticisms from muslim community. There after there was no pressure”

While speaking about his comments in Chidambaram book release function he said,
Absolutely, I am not the one who decides a Prime Minister. I have different relations with all the politicians. I am A-political. She is political. We have our own differences.

8. Kamal looked for legal solutions first. But after Chief Minister clarified on this issue, he went down and said, “There is no need for appeal in Supreme court”. He actually played safe!

Clarification: This was the course of events that happened since the ban:

1. Kamal Hassan screened the movie to Protesters and he fled to Los Angeles for Hollywood Premiere.
2. TN government banned the movie when Kamal Hassan was half way through.
3. The first option: Kamal Hassan has to meet the concerned people in the government and ask for withdraw of ban. But this was not possible immediately as Kamal Hassan was away.
4. The second option: Chandra Hassan, on behalf of Kamal Hassan filed a writ petition In High court.
5. Individual judge revoked the ban. Government challenged the verdict and the ban was reiterated. Bench postponed the hearing till Monday.
6. Kamal sent a letter to CM asking to meet her. CM refused to meet as the case was in the court
7. Kamal gave an emotional speech as he had a financial crisis. The D-day for his loan amount was Feb -1. He was paying 5 lacks as interest every day. He was desperately in need of a release date.
8. He decided to meet five Muslim groups and accepted to delete the scenes with Quran. He says, “Now we (himself and Muslims) are settled”. Chandra Hassan said, “If bench court doesn't revoke the ban, we will think of moving to Supreme Court”
9. 24 Muslim organizations said, “We were not called. We have nothing to do with those five groups”
10. CM gave an interview asking Kamal Hassan to meet those who still oppose and cleared the air that her government has no issues if an amicable solution is reached.
11. Kamal Hassan and co decides to find a solution at the earliest as possible and leaves the idea of moving to the court.

Here, the only issue that stood before Kamal Hassan was his financial crisis and not pressure from government.  After the chief minister found mistakes in his actions, he just explained his stand and never apologized to anything. He thanked Chief Minister by saying, “At last she spoke out. I thank her for understanding”

I think this article clears all accusations on Kamal Hassan. I hope the movie releases soon and I am eager to watch it in Auro 3D sound.

NOTE: Compilation based on various interviews given by Kamal hassan in news channels.